About the Summit

The Undergraduate Student Success Summit brings together thought leaders and innovators to discuss ways to enhance the student experience and outcomes at OSU. From the work of the Student Success Initiative Steering Committee and the Student Success Summit, the following focus areas have been identified that will guide future work at the Summit.

  1. Transition Experiences. Support the student transition into OSU, whether from high school, community college, or as an older adult. Build a culture that fosters relationships between students and faculty, with an emphasis on mentoring.
  2. Financial Aid and Scholarships. Efficiently distribute financial aid and scholarships to those whose success will most be advanced through the aid. To a first approximation, this means providing financial aid to those most in need.
  3. Faculty-Student Engagement. Significantly expand faculty-student connections outside of class to address student needs and establish an appropriate disciplinary framework, focusing on the first two years a student is at OSU.
  4. Curricular Excellence. Improve and streamline curriculum, curricular innovation, and instructional excellence.
  5. Experiential Learning. Expand access to experiential learning opportunities for students.

Lindsey Esch

Undergraduate Student
Student Emcee

Lindsey Esch is a senior studying economics and philosophy with a minor in theatre arts. A native Minnesotan, most of her free time is spent working on productions for the Oregon State Theatre Arts Department as an actor or a student director. Esch is currently interviewing with MFA acting programs around the country with the hopes of continuing her theatre journey in graduate school.

Edward Feser

Provost & Executive Vice President
Keynote Speaker

Edward Feser was appointed provost and executive vice president in 2017. Prior to joining Oregon State, Feser held several leadership roles at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a professor of public policy in the College of Liberal Arts at OSU, and a senior research fellow with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness in Arlington, Virginia.

Tenisha Tevis

Assistant Professor
Keynote Speaker

Tenisha Tevis is an assistant professor in the adult and higher education program at Oregon State. Empirically drawing on her former administrative experience, she has re-conceptualized theoretical frameworks and given voice to underserved and marginalized populations. Focused on the transition to college process for underserved groups, she explores the equity, inclusion and retention efforts of higher education administrators.

Amy Krager

Undergraduate Student
Performing Poet

Amy Krager is a senior at Oregon State University, where she studies horticulture and serves as president of the Poetry Club and vice president of the Horticulture Club. When not busy getting dirt under her fingernails, she enjoys sewing, painting and reading useless Wikipedia pages.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach

Music Instructor
Performing Artist

An enrolled Kalapuya member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde who resides within his indigenous homelands in Oregon, Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach is a world renowned Native American flute player. Traveling a range of musical styles, his recordings have garnered 65 awards and a top 10 ranking in the global new age charts. He is a seasoned performer and lecturer, who has performed at over 500 events around the globe.