The Undergraduate Student Success Initiative (USSI) Steering Committee has concluded its first phase of work, which included researching and benchmarking effective student success measures, collecting an inventory of existing university efforts to foster student success, determining campus needs that will enable and advance student success, and understanding the technical and structural requirements needed to create a sustainable infrastructure (i.e., metrics, analytics, and support tools). As a result of this process, the USSI Steering Committee, with input from more than 300 faculty, staff, students, institutional leaders, and associated stakeholders, have prioritized five areas of institutional focus. These areas are Transition Experiences, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Faculty-Student Engagement, Curricular Excellence, and Experiential Learning. While each of these focus areas merit advancement, the USSI Steering Committee recommends that Transition Experiences receive greater attention and prioritization, followed by Financial Aid and Scholarships. In support of student success, OSU must continue to work toward a more just, inclusive, and equitable campus, and we should emphasize the development of genuine relationships between students, faculty, and staff.

The report provides an overview of the first phase of work, including the research and rationale that has led to our recommended priorities, and a summary of next steps to implement the associated strategies.