Oregon State University is guided by its 2019-23 strategic plan (SP4.0): Transformation, Excellence and Impact, which articulates the university’s distinctive focus on academic excellence in all aspects of learning, discovery and engagement. Transformation, Excellence and Impact is the fourth five-year plan developed by OSU since the beginning of President Ed Ray’s tenure.

Implementing OSU’s Strategic Plan 4.0

The OSU Board of Trustees approved the University’s current strategic plan SP4.0—Transformation, Excellence and Impact—in October 2018. The summary of the plan is available here, and the full version is available here. The plan was developed through an extensive stakeholder engagement process that assessed what has been accomplished since the University’s first five-year plan under President Ed Ray, considered current opportunities and challenges, refined areas of strategic focus, identified and modified goals, and informed the prioritization of actions over the next five years.

The new plan takes into consideration the University’s recent visioning exercise, which sought to anticipate OSU’s future unique contributions to the higher education landscape. VISION 2030: Distinction, Access and Excellence articulates the kind of promise, focus, and distinction among premier research institutions that Oregon State University is capable of achieving if it is bold in its actions and efficient and effective in the use of its resources.

The implementation and assessment of progress on SP4.0 goals, actions and tactics is led by a steering committee chaired by Provost Edward Feser. Coordination of the implementation effort is the responsibility of Susan Capalbo, Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.




Development of OSU’s fourth strategic plan under President Ray’s leadership, referred to as SP4.0, included extensive engagement to refine areas of strategic focus, identify or modify campus-level goals, consider current opportunities and challenges, and inform the prioritization of actions and investments over the next five years. A steering committee chaired by Senior Vice Provost Susan Capalbo engaged with the university community and stakeholders and drafted SP4.0 for public comment and review.

OSU's previous strategic plans are available here.