Commitment to in-person activity at OSU

March 11, 2022

11 March 2022

Dear OSU Community Members,

Rapidly improving pandemic conditions are a welcome shift for all of us, and we will balance this good news with continued thoughtfulness and care, knowing that COVID-19 will linger. As we have throughout this crisis, know that OSU will continue prioritizing individual and shared health and well-being. Our measures will remain guided by the advice of public health authorities and the latest knowledge on how best to respond to changing public health conditions.

As we head into the spring term, we do expect significantly less disruption to consistent in-person engagement in classrooms, laboratories, community spaces and workplaces. For those studying on-campus in Corvallis, Bend, and our other locations, I want to emphasize that in-person instruction as well as on-site co-curricular and extracurricular activities substantially advance the delivery of our mission and the collective well-being of OSU students, faculty, and staff.

At the same time, the pandemic has impacted members of our community differently and it will continue to do so to a certain degree. Therefore, we must be understanding of one another’s unique circumstances as we return to more in-person activity with fewer mandated public health measures like masking. That is why we are emphasizing that while masks will not be required in public indoor spaces as of March 12, they are most welcome. This transition itself provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to inclusion and belonging for all.

I wish each of you a successful conclusion to winter term and a healthy and restful spring break.


Edward Feser

Provost and Executive Vice President