Organizational Transition for University Human Resources

June 7, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

We write to inform you of an organizational transition for University Human Resources (UHR). Beginning July 1, UHR will become the Division of University Human Resources reporting to the Provost and Executive Vice President. Heather Horn will serve as OSU’s Vice Provost for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer.

The new reporting structure will create stronger alignment among units. Most OSU employees are employed within units overseen by the Provost’s Office, which develops strategy and policies that affect them. The integration of UHR into the Provost Office’s organizational structure will continue the close partnership with the Office of Faculty Affairs, but with greater clarity of roles and responsibilities. This will enable UHR to serve units across the university more efficiently, streamlining decision-making on personnel matters, employee initiatives and labor positions. At the same time, UHR will continue to work closely with the Division of Finance and Administration on improving systems and processes.

This alignment also builds on the many improvements made over the past few years, such as the launch of an HR Service Delivery system, an improved recruitment and sourcing service, a revitalized Flexible Work Arrangement Program, and Search Committee Training. These efforts strengthen the University’s ability to attract and retain top talent, support the wellbeing and success of employees throughout their careers, and advance diversity, equity and inclusion goals. 

Moving forward, employees and supervisors should begin with University Human Resources for all HR-related needs. When necessary, UHR professionals will pull in representatives from other relevant offices, including Faculty Affairs, General Counsel, Equal Opportunity and Access, and others. UHR will remain the starting point resource for employee and labor relations for all employment groups, hiring, compensation, appointment guidelines, benefits, leaves, wellness, university-wide employee training and more. UHR and the Office of Faculty Affairs will continue collaborating on human resources policy matters, and the Office of Faculty Affairs will increase its focus on faculty development, academic leadership development, faculty recognition, oversight of academic policies and procedures, and matters related to the promotion and tenure of academic faculty.

We look forward to deepening the positive impact of UHR across the university and continuing to build OSU’s national reputation as an employer of choice.


Edward Feser
Provost and Executive Vice President

Michael J. Green
Vice President, Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer