OSU launches next strategic planning process

Dec. 5, 2022

Dear OSU Community Members,

Today, the university is launching the development of OSU’s next strategic plan. The new plan will succeed our current 2019-2023 plan — Strategic Plan 4.0: Transformation, Excellence and Impact — beginning in January 2024. A steering committee of faculty, staff and students is guiding the planning effort and we invite everyone within the university to contribute their expertise and ideas during this planning process.

At OSU, we aspire to create and share knowledge that changes the world for the better. As an institution of higher learning, we define our success not by how elite or exclusive we are, but rather by who we include and help to achieve their academic, career and life goals. We need your energy and creativity to help build the roadmap that achieves this inclusive excellence vision.

Among many other things, the planning effort will ask:

  • How can we ensure every student succeeds in the pursuit of their academic goals?
  • In what new and promising areas of teaching and discovery should we invest to increase OSU’s distinctive and positive impact?
  • What is an ideal mix and scale of teaching and learning modes for OSU’s diverse population of learners?
  • How can OSU become even stronger in contributing solutions to critical issues related to climate, food, water, energy, socioeconomics and health?

The Office of the Provost website provides detailed information about the strategic planning process. In addition to participating in dialogue and engagement sessions to be held throughout the university in winter and spring terms, you may provide input directly through the strategic plan website. We will be updating the site regularly as planning proceeds.

Please join us in imagining the university’s future and charting how we will achieve it, together.


Jayathi Y. Murthy


Edward Feser

Provost and Executive Vice President