Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

I write to provide you with an update regarding the university-wide Student Experience Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project:

  • Led by the project's student interns, and through an iterative process that included the project's Core Team and Steering Committee, we have selected Beaver Hub as the official CRM name.
  • The month of April will be a user testing phase. Sessions will be set up so representatives from units across OSU can experience how Beaver Hub functions, discuss ways their units’ use of it will greatly enhance the student experience at OSU, and identify adjustments to their units’ processes that may be needed to maximize the tool’s benefits for students. This effort will also include opportunities for students to experience Beaver Hub and provide feedback.
  • In May, OSU’s implementation partner, Attain, will address bugs identified during testing and prepare the portal for launch.
  • From late May through June, staff will begin training. Those who work most frequently and directly with students will receive training first. The value of Beaver Hub as a single university-wide CRM system is that all student services staff are using it. Effective universal use is critical to providing a consistent experience for all OSU students as they navigate the complexity of the university.
  • Beaver Hub will launch on June 27th, aligning with the first START session for students matriculating to OSU in Fall 2023.

Details about the project, including the objectives, timeline, and a list of engaged stakeholders may be found here. I offer my sincere thanks to all those who spent considerable time moving this project forward. It is essential to providing substantially better support to students, ultimately contributing to our goal of ensuring that every student who matriculates at OSU completes a degree in a timely fashion.

Please send any questions or suggestions to the Core Team by emailing


Edward Feser

Provost and Executive Vice President