Tuesday, September 14, 2021

To: OSU Academic and Professional Faculty

Becky Johnson, Interim President
Edward Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President

September 15, 2021

Dear OSU Academic and Professional Faculty,

We are pleased to announce that the university has reached tentative agreement with the bargaining team of United Academics of Oregon State University to provide 3% salary increases for Fiscal Year 2022.

We are thankful for the efforts of bargaining teams for the university and UAOSU, who helped us reach tentative agreement for this fiscal year, as well as for FY23 and FY24. UAOSU members will vote on the raise proposal in the weeks ahead. If ratified by UAOSU, the university will sign a three-year salary agreement that calls for the 3% merit raise for FY22 for academic faculty represented by the union; at least a 3.5% merit increase for FY23; and at least a 3% merit increase for FY24. The university has decided to extend a comparable raise package to professional faculty.

Once ratified, this fiscal year’s 3% increase will be provided to both academic faculty and professional faculty members who have been judged by their supervisors to have met expectations in their work performance and who were employed by OSU in the past fiscal year.

This year’s raise will be retroactive to July 1, 2021, for 12-month appointments, and Sept. 16. 2021, for 9-month appointments. This is at least six months earlier than is customary for raise programs provided faculty. In past years, raises have taken effect on Jan. 1 for full-time faculty and Feb. 1 for nine-month faculty. We are pleased that OSU’s financial circumstances allow us to move up the timing of the raise cycle this year to help recognize our employees after the freeze and temporary reduction programs implemented in FY21 – actions that helped stabilize budgets across the university and protect employee positions.

Faculty will see their raises reflected in their paychecks starting with November’s payroll, covering the pay period from Nov. 1 through Nov. 30. Because providing retroactive raises is a multi-step process, faculty will see their raises earned over the period July 1 through Oct. 31 in paychecks issued on Dec. 31.

The university is also creating a work group to provide recommendations to university leadership on a process to systematically evaluate pay equity across academic and professional faculty positions.

If you have questions about the tentative agreement with UAOSU, please reach out to UAOSU or Heather Horn, associate vice provost and assistant vice president of employee and labor relations. If you have questions regarding implementation of raises and retroactive pay once formally approved, please contact University Human Resources or call AskHR at 541-737-3103.

We believe this salary increase plan recognizes meritorious service by academic and professional faculty whose outstanding contributions are serving the mission of OSU. We offer our heartfelt appreciation for your contributions. We acknowledge how stressful the pandemic has been for all university employees and admire your resilience. You make us proud and we are honored to serve with you.

We do recognize that the pandemic remains with us and must be addressed with continued public health measures and a community culture of care. We resume on-site and in-person work and learning with great optimism and careful planning. Although there are still uncertainties, the university’s financial stability has improved. Initial enrollment projections for fall term are strong and on track to meet our FY22 budget projections, and research continues at a remarkable pace with new and significant grant awards. Looking ahead, we will continue to navigate any remaining financial, operational, and other challenges collaboratively and transparently.

In the weeks ahead, we will provide updates on the UAOSU ratification vote and progress to implement these raises if ratified.

Thank you for all your contributions to the success of Oregon State University.


Becky Johnson
Interim President

Edward Feser
Provost and Executive Vice President