Strategic Plan 3.0 2014-18 - Focus on Excellence


Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to share with you the third phase of Oregon State University’s Strategic PlanFocus on Excellence, 2014-18 – and to provide a few introductory comments.

In February 2004, we launched the first phase of our strategic plan. It was the University’s first comprehensive strategic plan, and we committed to using the plan to guide the University in its aspiration to be among the top land-grant universities in the nation. April 2009 brought the second phase of the plan and a tremendous sense of momentum as we continued to climb the excellence ladder. The transformation of the University that we experienced during the first two phases of the strategic plan is something exceptional in which we hope you share a sense of pride.

OSU has advanced in all areas, from number and diversity of students and faculty, to fundraising, research and discovery dollars, partnerships and physical infrastructure. Our growth is not without direction or purpose – our success is a credit to our shared commitment to focus on student and faculty success and on preeminence in areas of distinction, while substantially diversifying and increasing revenue sources. With rapid growth comes growing pains, and you have our deep gratitude and admiration for your dedication and perseverance during these past several years.

In the third phase of the plan, we have affirmed our commitment to our mission, vision and three strategic goals:

  1. Provide a transformative educational experience for all learners;
  2. Demonstrate leadership in research, scholarship and creativity while enhancing preeminence in the three signature areas of distinction: Advancing the Science of Sustainable Earth Ecosystems, Improving Human Health and Wellness and Promoting Economic Growth and Social Progress and
  3. Strengthen impact and reach throughout Oregon and beyond.

The plan also focuses on our aspiration to be a true community – a community in which we hold ourselves accountable for nurturing healthy relationships, building networks of care, embracing shared governance and acknowledging and celebrating our humanity. We believe in our community. We believe in Oregon State University. It is an honor to work with you as we continue our commitment to move to the front ranks of international and comprehensive land-grant universities. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.


Ed Ray


Sabah Randhawa
Provost and Executive Vice President