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Prior to Fall 2014, the Technology Resource Fund (TRF) was OSU's primary source of funding for computing operations and services to support learning. It was a tuition-based E&G fund that largely apportioned funding through a proposal process.

In recent years, the TRF did not provide the best possible alignment of funds to University priorities and contemporary student needs. Thus, the Vice Provost for Information Services sought and received the Budget Committee's endorsement of a revised management and allocation process. By separating proposal-based Learning Innovation Grants from a Technology Commons Fund that provides stable funding for core campus technologies, we are providing more finely tuned approach to funding that is better aligned with current OSU needs.

Decision-Making Process, 2013 and 2014

An extensive two year review and planning process incorporated feedback from many campus stakeholders and committees, including ASOSU, student committees, governance committees, the Faculty Senate, and Provost's Council subcomittees. The below timeline illustrates the process.

tech funding evolution

Funding in Previous Years - Technology Resource Fee (TRF), 2004-2014