FY13 TRF Awards

Vice Provost of Information Services Lois Brooks accepted the recommendations of the Infrastructure and Instructional IT Governance Committees on FY13 Technology Resources Fund (TRF) proposals. $14 million was requested for nearly 100 proposals, and $7.8 million was awarded to forty-two proposals that support core campus services, technology infrastructure development, and other innovative projects. Here are a list of awards and summary information for each funded proposal.

A More Transparent Process

The FY13 TRF process was the first step to a more fundamental redesign planned for FY14.  Notable progress was made on the way to that goal.  For the first time, the campus' IT Governance Committees were engaged in the review and award process.  The TRF process was made more open and equitable starting with wide distribution of the RFP, expanding awareness of the TRF as a potential funding source and leading to an unprecedented number of proposals.  In addition to Governance Committee involvement, a group of faculty, staff and students reviewed proposals.  This more inclusive review and decision-making process meant that a larger number of people had an opportunity to read TRF proposals and learn about the services and infrastructure supported by the TRF as well as about campus needs.

Core Campus Services and Systems: Holding the Line on Growth

Sixteen proposals for funding of core infrastructure systems, operations and services, from the Library, Information Services and Colleges, received $6.3 million of the available $7.8 million.  

The remaining $1.5M was allocated to twenty-six proposals. One group of proposals reflected college and administrative priorities such as refreshing computer labs and providing the technology needed in new buildings and renovated classrooms, for example the Student Success Center and the College of Education.  A second group of proposals were chosen based on a review of proposals by faculty, staff and students.  These awards will fund a number of one-time or proof-of-concept projects.

Participants in the FY13 process have noted that most of the proposals submitted were attractive.  Regrettably, it was not possible to fund more than a small fraction of the proposals submitted.  More than 50 proposals, requesting $6M, were not funded.  See the list of unfunded proposals here. As additional funds become available in July after the end of FY12 projects, the IT Governance Committees will reconsider these proposals and emergency needs for funding.