1. Project Title

The title or name of the project.

2. College / Unit / Department / Organization

The name(s) of the colleges, units, departments or organization(s) sponsoring the project.

3. Project Location(s)

For example: 
· Cascades Hall, OSU-Cascades Campus
· 4142, Valley Library, OSU Campus
· Weniger 151, OSU Campus

4. Start Date

The date the project will begin. Enter the date in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2012-01-08 for today's date.)

5. Completion Date

The date work on the project will end. Enter the date in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2012-01-08 for today's date.)

6. Responsible Personnel

The name(s) or the person or people responsible for this project so the TRF committee can contact them, if necessary.

7. Grant Purpose

Specify the purpose(s) of your project by listing one or more of the purposes on this list.

8. Provide a short description of the project.

Enter in a short description of the project. The description must be 100 words or less.

9. Describe the student population that will benefit from this project: (e.g. undergrads, grads, all students, students of a particular college *specify*)

Explain the type of students that will benefit from the project, for example, students in particular courses or decree programs. Estimate the number of students affected.

10. State the rationale for the project and expected results. Address the review criteria. (1000 words of less)

Describe what your project will achieve, including:

    • Whether your project seeks to replace or expand the capacity of previously funded TRF infrastructure and services, or whether it aims to create new infrastructure or services. 

      • If it replaces or expands past TRF funded infrastructure or services, describe them, giving the date of the most recent TRF funding (and grant # if available.)
    • If it supports a campus construction or renovation project. 

      • Describe that project.
    • Specify the project timeline: When will students benefit?

Describe why your project should be funded.

Address the four review criteria (Student Success, Efficiency, Commitment, and Sustainability) in Section 11 of the RFP

Specify the impact on your program or courses if the grant is not received.

11. Describe how this project will be made accessible to students with disabilities?

Projects are required to comply with the University’s IT Accessibility Policy: http://oregonstate.edu/accessibility/ITpolicy Explain how the project will be made accessible.

12. Describe the expertise (including experience with similar projects) and the facilities available to support the success of the project.

Name the types of resources available to ensure the project will be completed successfully, including both expertise and infrastructure or other facilities. Indicate which of the responsible personnel will be the project manager.