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Oregon State University President Ed Ray announces plans for Board of Trustees

Ed Ray

Oregon State University President Ed Ray announced that OSU will establish its own independent Board of Trustees (pdf) to govern Oregon’s only university with a statewide presence. This move will help guide OSU’s mission to serve the state and the needs of its citizens in a growing global economy.

“Oregon State University, Oregon’s statewide university, was created to serve the higher education needs of the people of Oregon,” Ray said. “That service is our core mission and part of our DNA."

“Advancing Oregon’s future as a 21st Century land grant university and attaining the state’s 40-40-20 educational achievement goals are central to OSU’s mission and can best be accomplished through the creation of a university governing board that represents all of our state.”

Ray has informed Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber of the university’s intent, which falls under Senate Bill 270 that separates OSU as a legal entity from other regional universities and the Oregon University System. As a result, OSU, the University of Oregon and Portland State University will each have a board of 11 to 15 members, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Oregon Senate.

Oregon State’s board will include civic, business and educational leaders; one student, one faculty member and one university employee (non-faculty). Ray will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member. Board members serve voluntarily and will not earn a salary. Kitzhaber plans to announce his appointments in mid-August with a Senate confirmation process expected in September.

The board becomes formal in July 2014, and responsibilities will include:

  • Establishing policies for all aspects of the university’s business;
  • Establishing tuition and fees;
  • Providing academic program oversight;
  • Approving the university’s budget for submission to the state; and
  • Appointing and employing OSU’s president in consultation with the governor. 

How does this affect Oregon State University? See our FAQ.

Learn more about the issues (pdf) the Board of Trustees is likely to consider during the first two to four years.


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