Public Notice: 

The Board of Trustees of Oregon State University will meet on Friday, October 17, 2014, beginning at 11:15 a.m. Agenda items include review and approval of the proposed resolution delegating authority to the University, FY15 presidential compensation, FY15 presidential performance assessment process, acceptance of Matteson property gift, public university fund investment policy, and the university treasury management policies. Other agenda items include presentations covering student life policies, sexual misconduct—prevention and response, and strategic major gift initiative. Additionally, the chair, president, faculty senate president, the chair of the Higher Education Coordinating Committee, and committee chairs, will provide informational reports to the Board.

If special accommodation is required, please contact Marcia Stuart at (541) 737-3449 or at least 72 hours in advance.


Agenda and Materials (pdf)

1. Call to Order/Roll/Declaration of a Quorum

2. Opening Comments and Reports
    a. Chair's Comments
    b. President's Report
    c. Faculty Senate Report
    d. Higher Education Coordinating Commission Report

3. Consent Agenda
    a. Approval of Minutes (July 18, 2014 Regular Meeting)

4. Reports of Standing Committees of the Board
    a. Academic Strategies Committee
    b. Finance & Administration Committee
    c. Executive & Audit Committee

5. Action Items
    a. Proposed Resolution Delegating Authority to the University (pdf)
    b. Proposed FY15 Presidential Compensation (pdf)
    c. Proposed FY15 Presidential Performance Assessment Process (pdf)
    d. Proposed Acceptance of Matteson Property Gift (pdf)
    e. Proposed Public University Fund Investment Policy (pdf)
    f. Proposed University Treasury Management Policies
          i. University Internal Bank Policy (pdf)
         ii. University Investment Policy (pdf)
        iii. University Debt Policy (pdf)

6. Education Items
    a. Overview of Student Life Policies (pdf)
    b. Sexual Misconduct—Prevention and Responss (pdf)
    c. Strategic Major Gift Initiative

7. Other Business

8. Public Comments

9. Adjournment

Handout: Presentation on Research (pdf)

Final Approved Meeting Minutes: 
Meeting Details
Oct 17 2014 - 11:15am
Robert Family Event Room, 126 Austin Hall