Public Notice: 

The Executive & Audit Committee will meet from 8 to 10:30 a.m. to review the board’s fiscal year 2017 assessment of OSU President Ed Ray; amendments to board policies and the committee’s charter; the committee’s 2018 work plan; and the Office of Audit Services progress report. The committee also will receive a report on the university’s compliance and ethics program, an annual update from the Office of General Counsel, and a risk management report on hazard response and planning. Accommodation requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance to the Office of the Board of Trustees, Marcia Stuart, 541-737-3449.



Printer-friendly Agenda

1. Call to Order/Roll/Declaration of a Quorum (Borkar)

2. Consent Item
    a. Minutes of the July 20, 2017 Executive & Audit Committee Meeting
        (Borkar) (TAB A)

3. Action Items
    a. Board Chair's Report: FY2017 Presidential Assessment (Borkar) (TAB B)
    b. Board Policy and Bylaw Review/Amendments (Borkar, Colbert) (TAB C)
    c. 2018 Executive & Audit Committee Work Plan and 2017
        Board Assessment Results (Borkar, Colbert) (TAB D)
    d. Executive & Audit Committee Charter Amendment (Borkar, Colbert,
) (TAB E)
    e. Office of Audit Services Progress Report (Snopkowski) (TAB F)

4. Discussion Items
    a. Annual Compliance & Ethics Program Report (Snopkowski, Gose,
) (TAB G)
    b. Office of General Counsel Annual Report FY2017 (Gose) (TAB H)
    c. All Hazard Planning (including Risk Management Report) (Green,
) (TAB I)

5. Adjournment



Final Approved Meeting Minutes: 
Meeting Details
Oct 19 2017 - 8:00am
Library Seminar Room, Guin Library, HMSC, 2030 SE Marine Science Dr, Newport OR