Starting in fall 2019, the USSI structure is evolving to more effectively and more efficiently enhance campus engagement, expand areas of impact, and increase the distribution of related work.

The USSI Steering Committee:

  •          Will continue to be led by one Vice Provost and one Dean - Each year, one of the USSI co-chairs will transition off, rotating between VP and Dean.
  •          Co-Chairs will report progress, decision points, and recommend priorities to the Provost.
  •          Serves to provide guidance and connection for five USSI subcommittees (see below) to ensure alignment, leveraging, and ensure responsible offices are involved.
  •          Is “staffed” by a project manager, who works to coordinate between subcommittees.
  •          Membership consists of all subcommittee co-chairs, as well as ex officio positions:
    •    Vice Provost for Student Affairs
    •    Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
    •    Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
    •    Faculty Senate President
    •    Other TBD by the Provost

USSI Subcommittee Structure:

  •          Five Subcommittees:
    •    Curricular Excellence
    •    Experiential & Research-based Learning
    •    Faculty – Student Interactions
    •    Financial Aid & Scholarships
    •    Transition Experience
  •          Each subcommittee is led by two Co-Chairs, one representative from central administration and one from a college
  •          Subcommittee Co-Chairs are initially charged to address guidance provided through the 2018 USSI Report, but will develop their “charge” for Steering Committee review and adoption.
  •          Subcommittee membership may look different depending on focus, however ½ “central” and ½ “college” is a goal
  •          Each subcommittee identifies specific success metrics and assessment strategies
  •          Having every college represented, including colleges without undergraduates, is a desired goal/target