Board of Trustees

From left to right: Román Hernández, Kirk Schueler (chair), Darry Callahan, Julie Jones Manning, Maria Chávez-Haroldson, Patty Bedient (vice chair), Jayathi Murthy (president, ex-officio), Susan Clark, Inara Scott, Jax Richards, Preston Pulliams, Michele Longo Eder

(Trustees Borkar, Brim-Edwards and Hurd not pictured)

The Board of Trustees of Oregon State University governs Oregon's only university with a statewide presence and helps guide OSU's mission to serve the state and the needs of its citizens in a growing global economy.

The board harnesses the talent and energy of education, civic and business leaders to help govern OSU’s future as a leader and innovator in excellence in teaching, discovery and service as an internationally recognized public research university.

This site contains profiles of the members, as well as meeting information, news and announcements.