Board of Trustees

From left to right: Román Hernández, Jax Richards, Preston Pulliams, Susan Clark, Julie Jones Manning, Inara Scott, Jayathi Murthy (president, ex-officio), Julia Brim-Edwards, Kirk Schueler (chair), Patty Bedient (vice chair), Darry Callahan, Maria Chávez-Haroldson

(Trustees Borkar, Hurd and Longo Eder not pictured)

The Board of Trustees of Oregon State University governs Oregon's only university with a statewide presence and helps guide OSU's mission to serve the state and the needs of its citizens in a growing global economy.

The board harnesses the talent and energy of education, civic and business leaders to help govern OSU’s future as a leader and innovator in excellence in teaching, discovery and service as an internationally recognized public research university.