Oregon State University is a comprehensive, research intensive public land-grant university. OSU is one of only three land-, sea-, space- and sun-grant universities with such designation in the country. Oregon State programs and faculty are located in every county of the state and investigate the state's greatest challenges. The state of Oregon is OSU’s campus but our mission is to serve the state, the nation and the world. The university works in partnership with the P-12 school system, Oregon community colleges and other colleges and universities to provide access to high-quality educational programs. Strong collaborations with industry and state and federal agencies drive OSU's research enterprise.


As a land grant institution committed to teaching, research, and outreach and engagement, Oregon State University promotes economic, social, cultural, and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation, and the world. 

We accomplish this by:

  • Producing skilled graduates who are critical thinkers;
  • Searching actively for new knowledge and solutions;
  • Developing the next generation of scholars;
  • Collaborating with communities in Oregon and around the world; and
  • Maintaining a rigorous focus on academic excellence, particularly in three signature areas: the science of sustainable earth ecosystems, health and wellness, and economic prosperity and social progress.


Leadership among land grant universities in the integrated creation, sharing and application of knowledge for the betterment of humankind.


  1. PREEMINENCE IN RESEARCH, SCHOLARSHIP, AND INNOVATION - Establishing OSU as a leader in conducting research, producing knowledge, and generating innovations that contribute to addressing global grand challenges, particularly in our signature areas; training the next generation of scholars; and contributing to the economic development and prosperity of Oregon and beyond.
  2. TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION THAT IS ACCESSIBLE TO ALL LEARNERS - Using our many locations and online learning platform to maximum advantage in delivering distinctive and affordable education via multiple pathways, integrating research and experiential learning, preparing students for successful careers, training scholars, and creating opportunities for lifelong learning at OSU.
  3. SIGNIFICANT AND VISIBLE IMPACT IN OREGON AND BEYOND - Actively engaging with the communities we serve, ranging from rural and urban Oregon to every part of the globe, and bringing their knowledge, experiences and cultures into the university; promoting the vitality of our communities and the quality of life for Oregonians; and being of service to government and industry.
  4. A CULTURE OF BELONGING, COLLABORATION, AND INNOVATION - Building an organizational culture founded on the values of inclusion, mutual respect, good physical and mental health, collaboration, and humility, so that people from every background are welcomed and thrive, our community is diverse, and our leadership advances both excellence and innovation.

Core Values

  1. Accountability. We are committed stewards of the human, fiscal and physical resources entrusted to us. We are also stewards of the loyalty and good will of the people of Oregon; the university’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors; and the communities in which we live and work.
  2. Diversity. We recognize that diversity and excellence go hand-in- hand, enhancing our teaching, scholarship, and service as well as our ability to welcome, respect, and interact with other people.
  3. Integrity. We value responsible, accountable and ethical behavior in order to maintain an atmosphere of honest, open communication and mutual respect throughout the Oregon State community.
  4. Respect. We treat each other with civility, dignity and respect.
  5. Social responsibility. We contribute to society’s intellectual, cultural, spiritual and economic progress and well-being to the maximum possible extent.