Board Principles and Core Values


The following principles are fundamental to who we are as a Board and how we act:

  • We believe higher education is a vital public good that serves the people of Oregon, the nation, and the world.
  • We are responsible for the fiscal well-being of Oregon State University.
  • We act ethically and with the highest integrity.
  • We treat all people with fairness and respect.
  • We value inclusive excellence and see diversity as informing our mission, broadening and deepening our understanding, and enriching our lives.

Our principles inform our core values, which guide our deliberations and actions when governing the university.

Core Values

  • Achieving the University’s Mission

We embrace the university’s statewide mission and strive for inclusive excellence in all we do, making decisions after thoughtful and purposeful deliberation and considering the long-term viability of the university. Through shared governance, we realize our commitment to the ideals of higher education.

  • Accountability

We ensure that the human, fiscal and physical resources entrusted to the university are used effectively, efficiently, and transparently, both in the present and for the future. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and conduct our affairs in ways that promote mutual trust and public confidence.

  • Diversity

We are a welcoming, caring, and inclusive community, one that strives for equity and equal opportunity; shares fundamental values grounded in justice, civility, respect and collaboration; and nurtures diverse people, ideas and perspectives that inspire creativity and achievement.

  • Integrity

We act with the highest level of integrity and serve as a model of ethical governance in all that we do.

  • Respect

We treat each other with kindness, courtesy and dignity. We are fair in our actions, preserve the dignity of others and honor their differences.

  • Social Responsibility

We contribute to society’s intellectual, cultural and economic progress and well-being and foster social justice, economic vitality and environmental health.