Executive, Audit and Governance Committee

The Committee is empowered to act for the Board if the Committee determines an emergency exists between regular Board meetings on any matter except the following, which shall be reserved for the Board: (1) hiring, evaluation and removal of the president; (2) election of Board officers; (3) changes in the mission and purposes of the University; (4) amendments to the bylaws; (5) sale or purchase of real property; (6) condemnation of real property; (7) determination of tuition and mandatory enrollment fees; and (8) adoption of the University budget.

The Committee’s areas of responsibility are to assist the Board in: (1) overseeing the institution’s compliance and ethics program; (2) monitoring the University’s enterprise risk management and internal control structure to ensure key risk, legal, compliance, and regulatory requirements are met; (3) overseeing audit activities, including internal and external audits; and (4) overseeing and providing strategic direction on matters pertaining to governance of the Board such as structure, composition, annual self-assessment, policy and effective trusteeship.

Chair: Kirk Schueler
Vice Chair: Román Hernández

Committee Members