Report Concerns - Hotline

One way you can help promote an ethical culture at OSU is to report suspected wrongdoing or breaches of ethical conduct.  The university has contracted with EthicsPoint, an independent, third party vendor, to provide a confidential and anonymous telephone and internet system for reporting any concerns.


Do not use EthicsPoint to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Please call 911 for emergencies that would result in imminent harm or danger. Reports submitted through EthicsPoint are reviewed by the Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance within three (3) business days and then investigated by the appropriate office.

Accountability and Integrity Hotline

You may also make a report by email, telephone, US mail, campus mail or stop by in person:

Campus Location: Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance, Oregon State University, Kerr Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Corvallis, OR 97331
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 541-737-0505
US Mail: Chief Audit, Risk and Compliance Executive, 240 Kerr Administration Building, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331
Campus mail:  Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance, 240 KAd

What is a reportable violation to the Accountability and Integrity Hotline*?

The Accountability and Integrity Hotline can be used to report concerns in the following categories: academic and student affairs, accounting and financial, athletics, human resources, information technology, research, risk and safety, and concerns in other areas. Examples of violations include academic misconduct, conflicts of interest, misuse of university assets, theft of university property, unsafe working conditions, hostile work environment, data privacy, research misconduct, and other violations of laws, rules or regulations. If you have questions as to whether an action is reportable or not, please contact the Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance.

*Complaints of harassment, bullying, discrimination, sexual misconduct, or related retaliation can be made directly to Equal Opportunity and Access (see the Where can I obtain additional resources section below for contact information). Complaints of this nature received through the Accountability and Integrity Hotline will be forwarded to Equal Opportunity and Access.

How can I report a violation to the Accountability and Integrity Hotline?

There are several methods for reporting suspected compliance and ethics violations. The Compliance and Ethics Web Form and toll-free Hotline are managed by EthicsPoint, an independent company, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Reports submitted through the Web Form or Hotline are then forwarded to the appropriate university officials who will promptly address the allegations.  If contact information is provided by the reporting party, he or she may be contacted for further information or may request updates on the investigation.

Follow-up After Your Initial Report

We encourage reporters to return to this web site within seven (7) days of filing a report and periodically thereafter using the Report Key assigned by EthicsPoint and your private password. The university may require further information from you to proceed with a review or investigation or may have status information on your report. In either case, if you elected to report anonymously, your anonymity will be protected by EthicsPoint.

Protection from Retaliation

Your commitment to integrity and honesty is an important element in maintaining an ethical and secure workplace environment for everyone. Your help in calling attention to unethical or irregular practices is greatly appreciated.  To encourage employees to report potential wrongdoing, it is against Oregon State policy for anyone associated with OSU to retaliate against those who report suspected wrongdoing in good faith.  See Oregon Whistleblowers Protection Law (ORS 659A.199).

Where can I obtain additional resources?

**See the OSU Partners & Resources page