Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Members of the Oregon State University community,

All of us share responsibility for ensuring that Oregon State University acts in an ethical and honest manner. Our common aspiration to create a culture of inclusion, opportunity and social justice demands nothing less.

The University Code of Ethics, which was adopted by the OSU Board of Trustees in 2014, demonstrates the university’s commitment to maintain a strong ethical tone in all its activities. Under this Code of Ethics, employees are expected to report any violation of law, regulation or policy about which they become aware. Examples of violations include harassment, sexual misconduct, illegal or fraudulent activity, conflicts of interest and other unethical conduct. University employees are considered public officials, and are to comply with the provisions contained in Chapter 244 of the Oregon Revised Statutes. (See A Guide for Public Officials.) Additional information is covered in the Ethics module included as part of the required employee critical training series.

Employees are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have regarding the ethical conduct of the university or its employees with their supervisor or manager. If you do not feel comfortable discussing concerns directly with your supervisor, you can make a report confidentially through the OSU Accountability and Integrity Hotline.

The university has contracted with EthicsPoint, an independent, third-party vendor, to provide a confidential and anonymous telephone and Internet system for reporting any such concerns. All actionable reports made through this accountability and integrity hotline will be reviewed by the Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance, an independent unit, and investigated by the appropriate office.

An anonymous report can be made to:

OSU Accountability and Integrity Hotline via phone or website.
Phone: 855-388-4971
Website: http://www.oregonstate.ethicspoint.com/

You may also report suspected violations to the following offices:

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
E-mail: kim.kirkland@oregonstate.edu
Phone: 541-737-3556

Office of Human Resources
Email: cathy.hasenpflug@oregonstate.edu.
Phone: 541-737-0546

Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance
E-mail: patricia.snopkowski@oregonstate.edu
Phone: 541-737-0505

Office of Research Integrity
E-mail: staci.simonich@oregonstate.edu
Phone: 541-737-0663

Environmental Health and Safety
E-mail: thomas.doyle@oregonstate.edu
Phone: 541-737-8257

Employees who provide a good faith report of fraud, waste or abuse are protected from retaliation under Oregon’s Whistleblower Protection Law (ORS 659A.199).

Your commitment to integrity and honesty is an important element in maintaining an ethical and secure workplace environment for everyone within OSU. Thank you for the tremendous service you provide to Oregon State University and the broader Oregon community. Your contributions are important and very much appreciated.


Edward J. Ray