Monday, December 14, 2020

OSU community members,

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Shanon Anderson as Oregon State University’s associate vice president for public safety and Corvallis campus chief of police.

The safety and health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is the university’s top priority. I know that Shanon will contribute positively to a university community where all members can live, learn, work, engage and thrive. Her significant professional experience and commitment to community engagement, education, equity and inclusion will foster public safety services that all community members will benefit from, while also supporting the university’s educational mission and values.

Shanon begins her responsibilities today and will guide public safety services university-wide. She also will lead a new Corvallis campus police department that begins its service on Jan. 1 as contracts for law enforcement services with the Oregon State Police end on Dec. 31. The new licensed police department will operate within Oregon State’s Department of Public Safety.

Shanon grew up in the Pacific Northwest and worked for the Seattle Police Department since 1992, having served as a lieutenant since 2016. She helped guide Seattle police reform initiatives since 2016 and conducted implicit bias training on behalf of the Seattle Police Department, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. 

As the assistant commander at Washington’s justice training commission, she helped implement the guardian approach to law enforcement – a national model that emphasizes social service, community partnerships and positive engagement. 

In her role at OSU, Shanon is committed to fostering relationships with students and employees while collaborating with university colleagues to advance public safety throughout OSU as part of the university’s new Community Wellness, Education & Safety Network by better coordinating and holistically providing existing and new education, wellness, crisis prevention, mental health, public safety services and response, and other support services.

I am confident such efforts will well serve our university’s mission, and the safety and values of the OSU community. Please join me in welcoming Shanon and collaborating with her to contribute to the safety and success of all Oregon State University community members.


F. King Alexander