Funding Opportunities

PCOSW provides several funding opportunities administered through the Speaker Series subcommittee and the Scholarship and Awards subcommittee. These include:

  • Event co-sponsorship
  • Scholarship and project funding
  • Gender Advocacy and Inclusion Network (GAIN; formerly OWHE) conference funding
  • University Mentoring and Professional Development Award

PCOSW Speakers Series Co-Sponsorship of Campus Speakers and Events

The Speaker Series subcommittee welcomes funding and co-sponsorship requests from all members of the OSU community for a range of speaker event formats, including but not limited to lectures and workshops. This funding is made possible thanks to generous support from the Office of Institutional Diversity and Offices of the President and Provost.

Applicants must provide a clear explanation of the purpose, timing, and budget of the event, and how the event aligns and supports the PCOSW mission.

PCOSW Speaker Series Co-Sponsorship Application Form

Funding is awarded throughout the academic year, but priority for each term is given to applications submitted by the end of week three of that term. Sponsorship averages $500, but it is also dependent on the PCOSW budget for the academic year and is subject to change. Please note that funding is distributed via a reimbursement model and reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of the event.

Funding recipients will be responsible for event logistics and will adhere to OSU policies and procedures. Events funded by this opportunity will identify the President’s Commission on the Status of Women as an event sponsor. We also ask that follow-up information regarding the event and copies of materials (i.e. flyers, photos) be provided to the committee for promotion within the commission and for the PCOSW annual report.

President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW) Scholarship application

PCOSW provides funding for OSU community members to pursue professional development, research, outreach, or creative projects related to gender equity issues. The maximum funding amount for scholarships is $1000 per person and/or per project within a fiscal year. All funding must be used within the fiscal year a project is awarded. Please note: PCOSW cannot award scholarships to pay faculty, staff, or student employee fees, salaries, stipends, tuition, or wages. PCOSW also can't award gift cards. 

The PCOSW Scholarship & Awards Committee is comprised of PCOSW members. The committee welcomes proposals from all members of the OSU community.

PLEASE NOTE: While PCOSW strongly supports the professional development of women in underrepresented fields, successful scholarship applications demonstrate a direct connection between the proposed activity and PCOSW's mission beyond the professional development of the scholarship applicant.

Scholarship Criteria

  • The project or activity identifies and meets the PCOSW mission to "address the changing needs of all women in our university community."
  • The project or activity provides a clear statement of overall project objectives.
  • The research project provides clearly proposed methodologies that are appropriate and effective for research activities. (Required for research activities only)
  • The project or activity provides a clear and specific budget with an itemized list of expenses.

Additional notes

  • Scholarship recipients are required to submit a brief summary report within 30 days of the completion of their funded activity
  • All awardees are required to submit receipts for reimbursement within 30 days of the completion of their funded activity.
  • All submissions should avoid the use of jargon and unexplained acronyms.

FY25 applications are currently being accepted until funds are distributed. FY24 applications are now closed. 

Gender Advocacy and Inclusion Network (GAIN) in Higher Education Scholarship

PCOSW is offering scholarships to cover early registration costs for the 2024 GAIN conference being held in Seaside, Oregon from April 22-24, 2024. OSU faculty, professional faculty, staff, students and OSU community members are eligible to apply. Priority funding is given to individuals that are current PCOSW members; individuals who have not received a prior PCOSW scholarship to a GAIN conference; submission date; and complete application.

The application window for the 2024 GAIN conference has closed. 

University Mentoring and Professional Development Award

The University Mentoring and Professional Development award is given annually at University Day, recognizes any classified, professional faculty, or faculty member who excels in mentoring, supporting, and encouraging OSU employees, especially women and those from under-represented groups or non-traditional careers, and making available to them opportunities for professional, educational and personal development. Mentoring and development are critical to excellent performance and employee satisfaction. This award offers a way of commending individuals who support the learning environment for OSU employees. 
The recipient of this award should have a record of: 

  • Providing development opportunities to OSU faculty and staff. 

  • Mentoring and encouraging members of the faculty and staff at the beginning as well as throughout their careers. 

  • Encouraging individuals not traditionally supported in their pursuit of professional or personal development. 

  • Making contributions that lead to increased performance and job satisfaction. 

  • Improving campus climate with respect to mentoring and professional development opportunities. 

This award includes a $500 award for professional development and a $500 monetary award. 

Nomination deadline is May 13. Nominate today!

Frequently Asked Questions

For scholarship applications, we encourage faculty and staff to seek/request matching funds from their home departments. Please inform us of any matching funds on your application. Matching funds are not required for student applications. However, if applicable, we do ask you to list your funding from other sources.

Items we are able to fund include such things as: equipment, software, speaker fees/honoraria, film rights/screening fees for co-sponsorships, transportation, conference registrations, research costs.

We are unable to fund tuition, faculty/staff/student employee wages, student fees, gift cards, consumables or reagents, or gasoline expenses.

If you are unable to use the funds awarded for your project or activity, contact PCOSW as soon as possible so we can reallocate the funds.

Maybe. Maximum funding is $1000 per person and/or per project each fiscal year. If you have not received maximum funding and there are still funds available, you may submit a new application for additional funding up to the $1000 maximum.

In your application please note that you have previously received PCOSW funds for the proposed project/activity. Be sure to fully explain the project, do not assume the committee will recall the details of your previous application. The same application deadlines and criteria apply.

Please contact PCOSW's Treasurer at [email protected] regarding your new expected completion date. Please note: All funding must be used within the fiscal year a project is awarded.

PCOSW provides funding in the form of scholarships for OSU community members to pursue professional development, research, or other opportunities that support PCOSW’s mission.

The scholarship average fluctuates widely based on requests. Maximum funding is $1000 per person and/or per project each fiscal year. All funding must be used within the fiscal year a project is awarded.

Since funding is limited, the scholarship application will close when all fiscal year funds have been allocated.


PCOSW: [email protected]

Speaker Series subcommittee convener: Joy King at [email protected]

Scholarship & Awards subcommittee co-conveners: Keahi McFadden at [email protected] or Mealoha McFadden at [email protected]

Treasurer: Benita Blessing at [email protected]

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