President's Commission on the Status of Black Faculty and Staff Affairs

Welcome to the President’s Commission on the Status of Black Faculty and Staff Affairs (PCSBFSA) website!  

This website is a resource for OSU faculty and staff, with the goal of providing information about the Commission, our initiatives and connecting Black and Black-identified faculty and staff across our Oregon State campuses and extension offices.

If you have any questions, or you would like to become a member of the Commission or serve on a committee, please connect with us via email.

woman in a colorful dress speaking at the front of a full classroom

We are committed to acknowledging the humanity, improving the lives, and ensuring the well-being of those who self-identify as Black, of African heritage, of native African descent, and of the African Diaspora on the campuses of Oregon State University. Through partnerships and collaboration, PCSBFSA advocates for a productive and healthy climate through informing the development and implementation of strategies to address the collective needs of its members. With our unified voice, we seek to confront and rectify the long history of racism and anti-blackness that has impacted Black communities by informing the practices and policies of Oregon State University and the surrounding community.

PCSBFSA uplifts, mobilizes, and cares for the Oregon State University Black faculty and staff community.