• Works to ensure aligned and coordinated response in the midst of crises or in cases in which crises are of immediate threat of occurring without prompt action;
  • Presents recommendations to the president regarding crisis response;
  • Is composed of those individuals with responsibilities that span university domains: the provost and executive vice president, the vice president for finance and administration, the vice president for university relations and marketing, and the general counsel, with the chief assistant to the president providing coordination;
  • Is the minimum group of individuals that absolutely must be made aware of a crisis in order to ensure an aligned response, with other domain leaders engaged depending on the nature of the crisis.

The Immediate Response Group does not replace existing operational crisis and emergency management teams, does not substitute for existing standing leadership groups and teams, and does not have standing meetings.

Immediate Response Group

OSU employees should promptly surface immediate or potential issues of significant concern to all members of the Immediate Response Group.

Provost and Executive Vice President
Ed Feser


Vice President for Finance and Administration
Mike Green


Vice President for University Relations and Marketing
Steve Clark


General Counsel
Becca Gose


Chief Assistant to the President
Jen Humphreys


Matters to be escalated are those of significance to the university and include—but are not limited to—student or employee deaths, threats or acts of violence, major power outages, fire or other potential life safety emergencies, accidents of significance occurring anywhere in the university, arrests or protests regarding social/civil issues, crimes or similar incidents, and other significant arising or potential controversies that may require a prompt university leadership response.

To report an emergency please call 911 or OSU Public Safety (541-737-7000)