About Us

The attorneys in OGC, as well as outside counsel engaged by OGC, serve in an advisory capacity with a focus on collaboration and prevention. OSU is best served when employees seeking legal advice contact OGC early and provide full information on relevant facts, goals and timelines. As holistic and strategic advisors, OGC attorneys are most effective when they are fully integrated and informed.

The OGC team includes six attorneys: the General Counsel, one Senior Associate General Counsel, one Associate General Counsel, and three Assistant General Counsels. The General Counsel reports to the President and the Board of Trustees. As a member of the President's Cabinet, the General Counsel participates in Cabinet deliberations and recommendations to the President on policy issues before the University.

A faculty or staff member should contact the OGC as soon as possible upon receiving any of the following documents:

  • A subpoena related to the recipient’s responsibilities as an OSU employee;
  • A threat of filing litigation or an official claim; or
  • A Complaint filed with a court.

The General Counsel may give advice only on official University business and may not give advice to employees or students on personal legal matters.  Students with personal legal problems should contact the ASOSU Legal Services.

Communications between General Counsel staff and university employees regarding university business are generally attorney-client privileged and confidential.  For more details, see the comprehensive policy.