OSU Authors and Editors Recognition

Each year Oregon State University faculty, staff, students and community members are invited to honor our authors and book editors. A link to the full list of authors and editors submissions can be found here.

OSU Authors and Editors Submission

Each year OSU Faculty publish a remarkable range of literary contributions. Publication of these books is an important dimension to faculty creativity that goes through a rigorous peer review process and is an important part of validating their work. OSU authors will be honored during a series of authors lectures in April, at which time, all OSU authors will be acknowledged and information regarding their literary work will be available for guests.

A few selected authors will be showcased at each lecture. Please send Sara Daly the names of the authors and editors in your unit that have published with a 2019 copyright date no later than January 10, 2020. Additionally, please help us to recognize these individuals by sending a display sample of their work to the Office of the Provost (624 Kerr Administration Building, Attn: Briana Nau) by March 20, 2020 to be available on display during the reception prior to the above mentioned events. Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

  • Faculty members must be the principal author – chapter authors do not qualify.  Editors of collections/volumes of original scholarship.
  • Do not include pamphlets, brochures, limited distribution research monographs, workbooks, or manuals
  • All submission must have a 2019 copyright date.

When submitting display samples, please make sure to indicate the name and address of the individual it should be returned to after the event.

Thank you for helping us recognize faculty excellence!




Join us on April 23rd from 530-730 p.m. at the Center for the Humanities

for an evening focused on authors of history, politics and ethnic studies.

Nicole von Germeten, author of Profit and Passion: Transactional Sex in Colonial Mexico

Ronald L. Mize, Latina/o Studies (Short Introductions)




Join us on April 30th from 530-730 p.m. at the Center for the Humanities

for an evening to celebrate OSU authors of poetry and fiction.

Elizabeth Sheehan, Modernism à la Mode, Fashion and the Ends of Literature

Megan Ward, Seeming Human: Artificial Intelligence and Victorian Realist Character

David Biespiel, The Education of a Young Poet

Nick Dybek, The Verdun Affair

John Larison, Whiskey When We're Dry

Join us on May 8th from 530-730 p.m. at the Center for the Humanities

for an evening to celebrate OSU editors of books with a panel discussion

moderated by Susan Capalbo and Chris Nichols.

Susan Shaw, General Editor, Women's Lives Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia
Lisa L. Price, Editor, Costal Heritage and Cultural Resilience

Edward P. Weber, Editor, Governing Oregon: Continuity and Change