The Office of the Provost supports the provost’s agenda and initiatives, coordinates meetings of the Council of Deans and Provost’s Senior Leadership Team, manages major events, coordinates senior leadership searches, and provides support to university committees and advisory groups.

Leadership Ethos

The provost, vice provosts, deans, and other senior academic administrators of Oregon State University strive to work together as a mutually supportive and collaborative community of leaders to advance the goals of the university as a whole. OSU’s academic leaders agree to:

  • Act ethically at all times, and accept responsibility for leading by example in accordance with OSU’s Code of Ethics;
  • Build relationships with one another of trust, honesty, and candor;
  • Treat one another with courtesy, understanding, and respect;
  • Accept responsibility for one another’s well-being and professional success;
  • Honor one another’s rights to privacy and confidentiality;
  • Respect one another’s identities and strive to eliminate the effects of socialized biases;
  • Use one’s power and privilege to actively counter inequality and exclusion;
  • Acquire the skills and self-awareness required for responsible membership in this community of leaders.