Leadership Ethos

The academic leaders of Oregon State University strive to work together as a mutually supportive and collaborative community to advance the goals of the university as a whole. OSU’s academic leaders at all levels agree to:

  • Act ethically at all times, and accept responsibility for leading by example in accordance with OSU’s Code of Ethics (PDF);
  • Build relationships with one another of trust, honesty, and candor;
  • Treat one another with courtesy, understanding, and respect;
  • Accept responsibility for one another’s well-being and professional success;
  • Honor one another’s rights to privacy and confidentiality;
  • Respect one another’s identities and strive to eliminate the effects of socialized biases;
  • Use one’s power and privilege to actively counter inequality and exclusion;
  • Acquire the skills and self-awareness required for responsible membership in this community of leaders.