Office of the Provost Staff

As chief assistant to the Provost, Gigi Bruce supports the provost on major strategic and administrative initiatives, works with senior university administrators and other colleagues across the University to make effective use of the provost's time, manages senior leadership searches, and oversees engagement and communications. She is the administrative and business manager of the Office of the Provost and the Secretary to the INTO OSU Joint Venture Board. Gigi has a 30-year career in higher education, serving three provosts and a president, and over fifteen years as a Faculty Senator.

Email 541-737-8414

Romeo Lopez Gonzalez serves as the executive assistant to the Provost. He manages the provost’s schedule, prepares the provost’s daily agenda and itinerary, and arranges the provost’s travel. Romeo earned an Ed.M. in College Student Services Administration, a BS in Ethnic Studies, and a BS in Human Development Family Sciences from Oregon State University.

Email 541-737-2111

Kayleen Eng serves as the Events and Communications Specialist in the Office of the Provost. She plans events and coordinates communications for the Provost's Office, prepares remarks for the Provost, and supports the chief assistant to the Provost, Gigi Bruce. She serves as the Director of Commencement and Chair of the Commencement Planning Committee. Kayleen earned a M.S. in College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University, a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Sociology from the University of Oregon. 

Email 541-737-3000