University Strategic Plan 2024-30

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The Oregon State Plan

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Organization of the Strategic Plan

This strategic plan comprises three primary sections:

Three Goals describe in broad terms what OSU is striving to achieve, articulating the rationale for pursuing these outcomes and identifying some of the associated implications and assumptions. These are the “whats” of the strategic plan.

Five Actions elaborate big strategic undertakings through which the university will achieve the three goals, pursuing these at every level — university, campus, college, school and department — independently and collaboratively. These are the “hows” of the strategic plan.

Summary of Actions and Tactics provides, in tabular form, three to five initial tactics for each action. These tactics are the “hows” with a more specific level of detail, allowing us to define clear progress metrics and hold ourselves accountable at all appropriate levels of the institution.

Following these core sections, the strategic plan identifies OSU’s Top Five Targets — aspirational, measurable outcomes at the highest level for areas such as research expenditures, graduation rates and enrollment.

An implementation plan accompanies the strategic plan and provides more background information and details on how the tactics will be executed, along with timetables, milestones and identification of responsibility on the part of all individuals and units at the university.