Oregon State’s most recent strategic plan — covering 2019 through 2023 — articulated four goals and 20 actions designed to lay the groundwork for success for OSU’s next 150 years. The university successfully implemented nearly all the tactics originally envisioned in SP4.0 and introduced new tactics as challenges and opportunities evolved. Some of that work remains underway and is essential to achieving the goals laid out here.

Accompanying this strategic plan is an implementation plan. Additionally, the Office of Institutional Diversity will lead the development of a diversity action plan that will articulate how the university will pursue the goals and actions laid out here in alignment with our core diversity, equity and inclusion commitments. Finally, the Office of Human Resources will work with university partners to update OSU’s talent management strategy to ensure we are taking every action within our control — hiring practices, onboarding, professional development, increased options for affordable housing, child care and general assistance — to recruit and retain outstanding and diverse academic and professional faculty and staff.

Work Underway

Efforts launched under OSU’s previous strategic plan and continuing through completion:

  • Implementation of the reformed undergraduate Core Education curriculum.
  • Programs to support faculty in successfully proposing and leading large transdisciplinary projects, including through the Research Advancement Academy.
  • Initiatives to improve the retention of faculty and staff of color.
  • Initiatives anchored by PRAx to establish Oregon State as an international leader in the integration of the arts, humanities, sciences and engineering.
  • Initiatives to improve support for students transferring into OSU.
  • Continued development of the OSU-Cascades campus and facilities.
  • Design, construction and program development of the Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex.
  • Accelerated facilities renewal to address deferred maintenance and seismic retrofit needs.
  • Implementation of the Administrative Modernization Program (AMP).
  • Initiatives to expand training and professional development for managers and supervisors.



Ours is a deeply human and hopeful vision — one that celebrates interconnectedness, upholds the dignity of every person and offers a way forward for Oregon, the nation and the world. Our work on the leading edges of research, teaching and public engagement — coupled with our shared belief in what’s possible — is a powerful force for a brighter future.