President's Message

What this Plan is — and is Not

Many strategic plans aspire to capture everything an institution wants to do. This is not that kind of plan.

Driven by the imperative of civic contribution, this is an intensely focused plan, offering the world an achievable vision: that humankind can equitably and sustainably prosper, and that Oregon State will be a catalyst for that prosperity.

This is a collaborative vision that values the strengths of diverse physical and human geographies: urban and rural; sovereign Tribal Nations; businesses small and large; farms and ranches; ocean, coast, forest, mountains and desert; schools and community colleges. And it is a deeply human and hopeful vision — one that celebrates interconnectedness, upholds the dignity of every person and offers a way forward for our state, the nation and the world.

Three strategic goals guide us, building on our longstanding and emerging institutional strengths. This is the Oregon State University we will become:

  • A university focused on big discoveries that drive big solutions. We will lead the world in building transdisciplinary teams in areas of strategic focus and turning our foundational strengths into accelerated applications with far-reaching, lasting public value.
  • A university where every student graduates. All degree seekers and their families will fully trust that their academic and professional success is Oregon State’s very highest priority.
  • A university that fuels a thriving world. We will be a proactive driver of economic, workforce and community development, providing a model for research university engagement with people and places. This goal draws on both our knowledge and talents across the disciplines and our deep embeddedness in a state with extraordinary geographic, ecological, social and political diversity.

The plan’s three goals are interdependent: We must rally around them all to be successful — and that will require new ways of thinking and doing. We will improve the quality of individual lives by fully realizing our educational mission — one defined by access, improved educational outcomes and expanded online education. Doing so will also provide the financial means to enhance student support, increase need-based scholarships and fuel our research ambitions. And our ability to drive economic development is made possible both by cultivating a workforce educated for the future and by creating human-centered, sustainable solutions that emerge from big discoveries.

Our world is yearning for a sense of possibility. We respond with the clear-eyed optimism and pragmatic, scalable problem-solving that has always been our signature. This plan goes to the heart of who we are — and it reaffirms our determination to deliver on our public mission and reward the public’s trust — proving what public research universities can achieve.

We fervently believe that a bright future is within reach, with opportunities for all to contribute to and reap the rewards of prosperity widely shared. I know we are ready.

jayathi murthy

Jayathi Y. Murthy


As we pursue these three goals, other essential work at the university continues, including initiatives outlined in the strategic plans of colleges and administrative units and work advancing universitywide initiatives already underway. Continuing our commitment to OSU student-athletes and competition at the highest level possible in college athletics and our goals alongside the OSU Foundation in the $1.75 billion Believe It campaign will also fuel our success.