To: OSU Leadership

From: Edward Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President

28 March 2018

Request to Serve: OSU Strategic Enrollment Management Steering Committee

Kate Peterson, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, Chair
Noah Buckley, Director, Office of Admissions
Sherm Bloomer, Director, Budget and Fiscal Planning
Jennifer Brown, Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School
Steve Clark, Vice President, University Relations and Marketing
Michael Hansen, Executive Director, Institutional Analytics and Reporting
Becky Johnson, Vice President, OSU-Cascades
Susana Rivera-Mills, Vice Provost, Academic Programs and Learning Innovation
Lisa Templeton, Associate Provost for Extended Campus
Shain Panzeri, Director of OSU International Admissions and INTO OSU Academic Support

I write to request that you serve on a committee to develop annually an updated university-level undergraduate and graduate enrollment plan; oversee its implementation; and monitor progress on achieving the plan’s goals. The committee will:

  • Monitor progress on university-level and respective college enrollment goals and recommend refinements to the immediate and future goals, based on admissions, matriculation, retention and graduation outcomes, as well as an assessment of state, regional and national trends;
  • Recommend adjustments to enrollment assumptions in the university’s 10-year business forecast, and assess the financial implications of those adjustments;
  • Serve as a coordinating body to ensure that differences in aspirational enrollment goals and outcomes achieved over time are reflected in the university’s academic and financial planning;
  • Recommend investments and changes in enrollment management and admissions policies or practices that are necessary to realize enrollment goals.

The committee will begin its work immediately and meet approximately twice per quarter, drawing heavily on the ongoing work of the Office of Enrollment Management. The committee will provide an updated enrollment report and plan to the Provost each fall that summarizes progress on enrollment goals, recommends adjustments to goals, and recommends any other changes or investments necessary to realize the university’s enrollment plans.

Please let Gigi Bruce know by 6 April if there is some reason you are unable to accept this assignment. Thanks very much for your service and leadership.

Edward Feser

Provost and Executive Vice President