Strategic Plan III 2014-18

The third strategic plan under President Edward Ray’s leadership, Focus on Excellence expands Oregon State’s strategic goals to target:

  • Success that transforms learners and the world;
  • Leadership that integrates scholarship, creativity and collaboration throughout learning and discovery;
  • Expansion of the University’s diversity, reach and service across Oregon, throughout the nation and around the world.

As the university approaches its sesquicentennial in 2018, it remains committed to the ideals that higher education is a public good, and that high-quality college degrees should be accessible to all students. By pursuing new innovations and scaling those that are successful, Oregon State University will significantly increase the number of students from all strata and diverse backgrounds graduating with high quality college degrees. Focus on Excellence provides the structure and momentum to give all learners an integrated, coherent and personally meaningful educational experience.

This blueprint for future success also calls for the University to enhance faculty excellence, broaden and deepen the diversity of OSU’s community, reaffirm excellent stewardship of resources and capture the power of information in transforming the campus learning environment and systems.

Supporting documentation and materials