Encampment Demonstration

Encampment Demonstration

The university's statements and information regarding on-campus protests. 

What you need to know

On May 15, OSU community members and others set up an encampment on OSU’s Corvallis campus and were immediately informed that they were disrupting university operations and in violation of university policies, including the Freedom of Speech and Expression Policy. On June 12, the unauthorized encampment dispersed. While OSU did not engage in negotiations with encampment demonstrators, it has been highly responsive to concerns related to violence in Gaza, Israel and the region. The actions now being implemented are concrete, meaningful and consistent with the university's mission, values and commitment to engaging broad community input.

“As community members express their views, we expect that the rights of others to share their perspectives and pursue their education will be respected. We ask those expressing their views to do so safely, understanding that OSU is a place where many learn, work and live."

- Jayathi Y. Murthy, President of Oregon State University

Frequently Asked Questions

We affirm the right of students to peacefully make their voices heard, and university leadership is engaged to understand their concerns. OSU’s specific policies and related information can be found within our Free Speech and Expression Policy, Freedom of Expression Principles and Philosophy.

No. It would have been inappropriate and a highly problematic precedent to selectively apply university policies based on the viewpoint of individuals and groups. The university relied on consistent application of the Student Code of Conduct, university policy, and our protest response principles and procedures which seek to continuously engage at the lowest possible level of escalation.

Members of OSU’s administration met with student organizers on several occasions to hear and understand their concerns. For more than six months, OSU leaders were involved in ongoing dialogue with encampment demonstrators about their concerns and desires to make their voices heard. You can review a more thorough timeline of OSU’s engagement here.

Student organizers initiated an encampment on the Corvallis campus that was in violation of university policies. As is the case with any protest or demonstration, the university’s response was consistent with our practices explained on OSU’s Supporting Activism webpage.

No. That was an event security trailer, which is a federally funded public safety resource for the Benton and Linn County public safety agencies. The Valley Library quad was not designed to support overnight encampment, and additional security cameras were necessary to help provide safety for protestors and all others on our campus.

Student organizers first set up an encampment on OSU’s Corvallis campus on the Memorial Union Quad on May 15. On May 29, encampment organizers relocated the camp to be in front of the Valley Library, commonly known as the Valley Library quad. Though the encampment moved locations, organizers were told it continued to violate university policies.

Student Affairs and the Department of Public Safety monitored the camp for the safety of those within the encampment and for the overall community.

No. We became aware of misinformation that was circulated by some encampment participants and others. The claim in the palestineosu Instagram post that ‘Oregon State Admin said that they will be mobilizing CPD and OSP against our encampment’ is false. We consistently communicated that we would begin a process of holding participants accountable under the Code of Student Conduct, other applicable university policies, and criminal statutes.

As is our normal process, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) reviews the report and allegations to confirm sufficient evidence exists to open an investigation. If there is sufficient evidence, SCCS will notify the student(s) of allegations in writing, and the student will have five (5) days to respond. This is an educational process where students have the opportunity to share their perspectives on the allegations reported. Following the investigation and if found responsible, sanctions may be assigned, such as and not limited to required participation in educational activities, restitution for costs or damage, probation, and impacts on student status up to and including expulsion.

 If the individual holds an employment status, the report and allegations will be submitted to Employee & Labor Relations (ELR).  ELR, in conjunction with the supervisor, will review the allegations and determine whether official fact-finding is warranted.  If it is determined that there is cause to hold a meeting, the employee will be notified, and a meeting will occur.  If an employee is found responsible for violating university policy, this may result in discipline, up to and including termination.  

Individuals who hold both student and employee status may be subject to both, but separate, processes.

Non-residential locations on the Corvallis campus are not designed to support overnight encampment. Additional lighting was required to help provide safety and security for protesters and all others on our campus.

University investments fund student scholarships, faculty positions, infrastructure and essential services supporting student success. University investments are adjusted on an ongoing basis to ensure alignment with university’s investment policies. These policies are guided by OSU’s teaching, research and engagement mission and are continually evaluated to ensure they support the university’s mission and priorities.

The OSU Foundation is a separate legal entity from the university. It solicits and manages private funds to support and enhance the university’s excellence and impact. Information regarding the OSU Foundation’s investments is publicly available on its website at fororegonstate.org/financial.  

OSU monitored the demonstrations on an ongoing basis. The response procedures we have in place for on-campus demonstrations, as well as our Supporting Activism webpage and University Code of Ethics, allow students to make their voices heard and assemble and protest in a peaceful, safe, meaningful manner.


As an educational institution, we are committed to the safety of those on our campuses and ensuring the ability for students to pursue their education. We must maintain safety and will not accept violence or threats of violence, willful destruction of property, discrimination, harassment or hate speech that incites violence or criminal activity toward community members, and we would engage local authorities as necessary. Violations of law or the OSU Code of Student Conduct will be addressed through the appropriate legal proceedings or university processes.

Students must adhere to the OSU Code of Student Conduct which, in turn, requires that students engage in speech activities that comply with our Free Speech and Expression Policy. Students found violating the law or the OSU Student Code of Conduct will be held accountable according to established OSU procedures.


Employees of OSU are also required to adhere to the Free Speech and Expression Policy, Political Activity Policy as well as state and federal law, and any applicable collective bargaining agreement, dependent on their role at the university. Employees who participate in disruptive behaviors may be subject to disciplinary action.

The role of OSU is to ensure that our core mission areas - education, research and engagement - are fulfilled. The university does not support violence of any manner and all human suffering is contrary to our values. We believe that solutions to the world's most difficult problems must emerge from education and dialogue, even when that dialogue is contentious. As a university serving students from across the globe, representing many differing cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, religions, ideas and perspectives, our primary objective is to foster and encourage conditions for learning, dialogue, debate and collaborative action, rather than adopting a particular political position, which we believe is the role of elected officials and governments.

There is no plan to cancel Commencement. During any event or gathering on OSU campuses, the safety of our community (students, employees and visitors included) is our key concern. We will continually review the safety and well-being of those attending our Commencement ceremony. To find more information on Commencement, visit the website here.

For general concerns from students, please contact [email protected]. For concerns from employees, please contact [email protected].


For OSU Corvallis campus-specific safety concerns, please contact: 

  • Dispatch non-emergency business line at 541-737-3010.
  • To report an active crime, call 541-737-7000 or 9-1-1.


For OSU-Cascades campus-specific safety concerns, please contact:

  • To report a safety or security concern, call 541-322-3110.
  • To report an active crime, call 9-1-1.

We will update this webpage with any additional developments.