Goal of the Financial Aid & Scholarships Subcommittee

The USSI-SC Financial Aid and Scholarships Subcommittee will support the USSI-SC’s work to advance OSU’s undergraduate student success goals by developing and overseeing the implementation of a comprehensive university-wide plan to efficiently distribute financial aid and scholarships to those whose success will most be advanced through the aid. The subcommittee reports to the USSI-SC, which reports periodically to the Provost on student success.

Subcommittee Membership

Toni Doolen, Dean of Education and Honors College
Keith Raab, Director of Financial Aid
Belinda Batten, Executive Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Colleen Conniff, Director of Scholarships, Enrollment Management
Nicole Hindes, Assistant Director of Human Services Resource Center
Janet Nishihara, Director of Educational Opportunities Program
Kristin Watkins, Associate Vice President of Development, OSU Foundation
Prem Mathew, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Development, College of Business
Jonathan Valez, Department Head, Agricultural Education, College of Agricultural Sciences