International students waling on campusOregon State University will enhance our statewide, nationwide and worldwide footprint, pushing boundaries to extend our research and knowledge to people and communities throughout the world. As the land grant institution for the state of Oregon, our successes remain inseparable from those of our constituents. Our statewide footprint continues to grow – through the expansion of OSU-Cascades to a four-year branch campus, our marine studies research and academic programs on the Oregon coast and through our deepening and sustaining investments in the greater Portland metro area and in communities throughout the state. In this era of collaborative partnerships, we connect globally to lead research and conversations on issues of concern for people around the world. In all that we do, we seek to engage our people and others to develop strategies and solutions that advance economic growth and social progress.

 With increasingly interconnected global ties among people, communities and nations, Oregon State also aspires to recruit top-quality international students and faculty, to envision different means of promoting education abroad, to facilitate and value international scholarship and collaboration by our faculty and students, to promote the global dimension of Oregon State’s land grant mission and to strategically engage with our international alumni.


  • Position Oregon State’s outreach and engagement programs as learning laboratories to promote high-impact experiences for students and to promote the broader impacts of university research more effectively.
  • Grow rural and urban regional centers to advance social progress for all Oregon communities.
  • Drive economic development in Oregon by expanding commercialization, technology transfer and startup companies that originate from Oregon State research.
  • Increase the number of Oregon State students who participate in study abroad and grow the number of strategic international research partnerships.
  • Engage alumni and other external partners to advance university goals and priorities.

 America’s natural resources university

Through excellence, innovation and university-wide collaboration, Oregon State has developed a worldwide reputation for leadership in natural resources teaching and research. The university is leading designs for the nation’s next generation of oceangoing research vessels, advancing healthy food production, developing novel green materials and creating a world-class marine studies campus along the Oregon coast.


 Economic prosperity in Oregon

The university’s contributions in education, research and community engagement extend throughout Oregon’s 36 counties, with an economic impact statewide measured at $1.92 billion in 2011. Along with nearly 19,000 volunteers, OSU Extension faculty serve more than 2.3 million Oregonians annually in urban and rural communities.


 And around the globe

Oregon State’s influence also extends throughout the nation and the world, with a 2011 global economic impact of more than $2.06 billion. More than 170,000 Oregon State alumni excel in the world’s workplaces and in community leadership and volunteerism. From studying the damaging effects of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis to exploring multiple sources for renewable energy and determining ways to enhance wellness as people age, university discoveries advance the health of our planet, its people and our economy.