2019 Undergraduate Student Success Summit

March 7, 2019
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Memorial Union

The Undergraduate Student Success Initiative Steering Committee has been appointed to develop, implement, and oversee a comprehensive university-wide plan to advance OSU’s undergraduate student success goals.

The Need for an Undergraduate Student Success Initiative

Since 2015, OSU has undertaken two major Undergraduate Student Success Initiative (USSI) efforts: 1) a fundraising initiative in partnership with the OSU Foundation to raise $150 million to support student success and 2) a series of academic interventions intended to bolster student success directly through expanded student support services, particularly related to advising and financial aid, or indirectly through changes in learning models and provision to instructors and administrators of better and more timely data. 

2020 Goals

President Ray has challenged the Oregon State University community to achieve the following, which the Board of Trustees subsequently endorsed as 2020 stretch goals:

  1. Raise the six-year graduation rate from 63.1 to 70.0 percent for all students.
  2. Raise the first-year retention rate for all students from 83.8 to 90.0 percent.
  3. Increase the percentage of high achieving incoming freshmen to 50.0 percent.
  4. Ensure 100 percent of the students have at least one experiential learning opportunity.
  5. Close the achievement gap.

The Strategy

Improving student success at OSU must be a shared enterprise across the entire university and will require policy changes, enhanced practices and continued financial investments in order to impact change and advance student success.  The strategy has six major elements:

  1. Establish clear leadership, governance and accountability.
  2. Improve data access and technology compatibilities.
  3. Increase timely student financial support.
  4. Increase timely student academic support.
  5. Expand experiential learning and student engagement.
  6. Improve completion rates in gateweay courses.