Our Strengths in 2030

Strategic Plan 4.0 lays out goals and actions for 2019-23 that will drive Oregon State University closer to a set of distinctive strengths achievable by the year 2030, provided we are bold and effective in our execution and investments. The strengths we envision in 2030 fall into four areas:

Innovation In Education, Inclusion and Collaboration

OSU’s success in research, innovation, education and engagement depends on how well we value and engage the rich diversity of our entire community of internal and external stakeholders. By 2030:

  • Our retention and graduation rates are in the top 10 percent among land-grant universities.
  • Innovative degree pathways maximize access and the readiness and success of both first-year and transfer students.
  • We provide affordable higher education for the underserved and enable students to complete a high-valued bachelor’s degree within four years.
  • There are no graduation achievement gaps among sub-groups of learners.
  • We are leaders in the development and deployment of technology-enhanced lifelong learning.
  • Our student body and faculty are diverse, and we have partnerships with select universities around the world that enable us to contribute significantly to global scholarship, education and engagement.
  • We are a destination of choice for women and historically underrepresented groups in STEM.
  • We provide for all student-athletes’ success in academics and competition by providing equitable access to academics, student support programs and quality facilities.

Revolutionary Earth Systems Science

Oregon State is a global leader in research, teaching and engagement involving the world’s marine and coastal environments, agricultural and forest resources and the planet. By 2030:

  • We are a global leader in blending the natural and social sciences, unique experiential learning opportunities, interdisciplinary research and engagement to address the health and well-being of the ocean and coastal communities.
  • Our earth system science researchers and students operate pole-to-pole connecting science to society and improving environmental literacy.
  • OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center is a global destination for research and discovery and a hub for collaborative teaching and experiential learning.
  • OSU-Cascades utilizes its extensive natural laboratory to address the resiliency of ecosystems and connections to health, wellness and economic prosperity.
  • We are a world leader in research on energy.
  • We are a leading innovator in water resources research and global water conflict resolution.
  • We serve the world and enhance rural economies through continued discovery in the use of mass timber for multi-story buildings.

Leading in Health and Wellness

OSU’s teaching, research and outreach are at the forefront of addressing rapidly changing global health and nutrition needs. By 2030:

  • Our academic programs in oceanography, forestry, engineering, agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine, liberal arts and public health and human sciences integrate the sciences, policy and the humanities and contribute to improving health and social well-being worldwide.
  • With partners, including Oregon Health & Science University, we are a leader in the biomedical sciences and health care delivery.
  • We provide high-quality health and diagnostic services for animals throughout the state of Oregon and beyond and are leaders in research on animal and human disease and food safety.
  • Our statewide network of public health and Extension partnerships is a national model of health services delivery to serve individual and community needs.
  • We are global leaders in discovering new crops and protein sources, developing food safety practices and creating and marketing high-quality and healthy food products.
  • We advance Oregon’s reputation for innovation and address the food and nutritional needs of a growing global population.
  • Oregon’s diverse agricultural and food systems integrate our technologies into food production to combat nutrition-related health inequalities and chronic diseases.

Advancing Economic Prosperity and Social Progress

Oregon State’s discoveries are the engine for improving the welfare of our society, economy and planet. By 2030:

  • Our career-focused internships and entrepreneurship programs prepare students to serve as tomorrow’s business innovators and community leaders.
  • Our arts and education complex is a technology-infused center of creativity, performance and expression.
  • We are a world leader in robotics and its ethical, economic and social implications.
  • We are a global center of excellence in integrating big data science and informatics in our natural resource, engineering and health research.
  • We are a preferred global partner in developing marketable sources of energy that propel economic prosperity and enable carbon neutrality.
  • Our fermentation sciences program is recognized internationally.
  • We have a strategic presence in Oregon’s urban and rural areas and offer programs that serve the needs of learners, businesses and communities.